Organization is a non-profit website ministry that is currently funded entirely by the founders. The site has not been officially established as a non-profit (503c) institution, however the site does not have any existing revenue streams and all funding is provided out-of-pocket by the founders. The ministry is interested in the possibilities of becoming an official non-profit institution or joining an existing non-profit as an extension of their ministry.


The staff at is made up of computer geeks who believe that the Internet is the future of Bible study. We will provide convenient, intuitive, and accurate Bible study tools that are easily accessible on the net. If you are a first day Bible reader or an experienced theologian, will provide you the Bible study tools necessary to advance in your knowledge of the scriptures.

Technologies Utilized (A.K.A The Geek Stuff) is made possible by the following technologies:

  • Django - "The Webframework for perfectionist with deadlines."
  • Python - "A language where readability counts"
  • MySQL - "The world's most popular open source database"
  • CentOS - "The Community ENTerprise Operating System"
  • Beanstalk - "The easiest way to manage code, collaborate and deploy."
  • PivotalTracker - "Tracker is a free, award winning, agile project management tool that enables real time collaboration around a shared, prioritized backlog."

Geeks At Work

The staff began work on in June of 2007 on nights and weekends. The first priority of the team was to begin development on a Bible Translation database that would serve as the core of the site. The original focus was on public domain translations of the Bible. The team knew they must get a working prototype of the site before they could begin writing proposals to publishers for the copyrighted translations of the Bible. Within two months they were able to collect copies of nine different public domain translations in different types of digital format. The staff used several different scripting techniques to import these translations into a common format in the database. Once the first version of the translation database was complete, the staff began development on Phase 1 of Phase 1 of the site would include the following:

By December 10th 2007 the staff was able to launch Phase 1 of to the public.

Further Features/Enhancements

The following items have been added to since our initial release in December of 2007

Just Around the Corner

The following items we hope to deliver in the near future

  • Bible Names including where they are referenced in scripture
  • Bible Places including where they are referenced in scripture

Contact Us

contact AT bibleshark DOT com


The staff would like to thank the following people for their contribution to the site:

  • Matthew Silber - Graphics Design
  • Stephen Mizell - Technical Consultant